Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Road to "Children of Eden"

preparation for a coffee table book is key. Finalizing the pictures you want to feature in the book takes a very long time. Sometimes its very hard to let go of some images, as you may have a personal attachment to them. But in order to publish a book, one has to make sure the best of the best are presented. Further like in my case if I am publishing any articles, and accounts of my experiences, they too need to be perfect. This took me over 6 months to prepare, and was a long and arduous process.

Once I was ready, I was introduced to a designer who would help me with layout and design of the book. I was blessed to be introduced to such a decent and honest gentleman - Mr. Ajith Jayamanne. From the first day we met, I knew I was in good hands as Ajith is seasoned in this field with over 15-20 years experience.

I had a particular design in mind, nothing fancy, just a simple layout where the images are given priority. Mr Ajith was very understanding and flexible and looked into my every demand.

The design process took several months as I kept making changes, and adjustments to the layout. Thus it was August, when I was ready to go to the printers.

I had selected Gunaratne Offset (Pvt) Ltd for this operation, as not only were they the largest printer for this kind of operation in Sri Lanka but also were the printers for some of the most well known coffee table books out there. Also I was drawn to the company by the superb service provided by the marketing manager Douglas. End of the day all we need is a supplier who is attentive to our needs and responds to our every request.

Once ready, we headed out to Guneratne and worked through the design. The first step would be to run the design on a plotter and for me to thereafter review and provide comments on the proof.

Once this is done, and what ever changes are implemented I can give the go ahead for the final bulk production.

Even at this stage it is imperative that one pays attention to detail with regards to colors.

Thus I spend the entire day at the printers, in the line , inspecting the output and ensuring that the colors which are produced are the most natural colors possible.

I feel this is important as photographers because getting the colors right is a big part in the role of a photographer.

Thus my book is still in process and hope to have the goods ready by end of September.

Cant wait to get my hand on a final product.