Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Owls at Office

I got to know of three small owls being seen in one of our offices every day on a tree. I immediately made arrangements to go there, but it never materialized as I was busy with different other excursions as well as a hectic work schedule. After a few weeks I got news that they were not seen again.

Having taken my my out of these owls for awhile, I went for a meeting one morning to this office. When I concluded the meeting I was told that the owls still remain, and that they have moved their perch to a different tree. Walking along the large yard, we came to a mango tree in the corner. And there they were, three cute little birds huddled together, fast asleep. I couldn't identify them and hence went back determined to come back with my lens the next day.

Armed with the 200-400mm I went there during my lunch break yesterday. They were in the same spot where I saw them the day before. When I looked up at them one of the birds which looked like the mother opened its eyes and looked down at me with mild curiosity. The ear tufts were pointed up and after I started clicking away the bird gave its full attention to me.

One of the younger birds also got up and looked at me. It started swaying its head from side to side and then did the most amazing thing, it twisted its head from side to side as if in curiosity at this strange being pointing a large white object at them.

The sun was harsh and hence was not optimum for photography but I managed to get some decent shots. The best would be early morning as the light would be clean, and I hope to go there soon.

I advised the guys at office not to disturb it and I was glad to know that our office was considered a safe haven by these birds for them to spend their daytime roost in.

Back at home I mailed the photos to several experts and the funny thing is I got two different names for this owl. Some said this was the Collared Scops Owl and some said Indian Scops Owl. Still I am unsure which one they are.


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  3. lucky you.. no need to have wild safaris to take photos. :)


  4. Hi Rajiv, Both names are used for the same bird and scientific name is Ottis bakkamoena.
    Nice captures, thx 4 sharing.